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Your Brand and Social Media Management

Many of you are familiar with social media channels such as Facebook and Instagram. You also understand that today, social media platforms are the face of your brand on the Internet. They have the power to generate interest, nurture leads and close sales. They also have the power to destroy your business or brand. Remember what happened with Paula Deen?

Social media management goes way beyond just posting periodic updates on Twitter or your Pinterest page. It includes directly engaging with your target audience and looking for new opportunities to increase your brand’s reach and overall visibility.  If utilized creatively and strategically, social media can greatly enhance your business… but the reality of the situation is that many entrepreneurs and business owners do not have time to properly manage their pages across numerous platforms. They are too busy in the field or running numbers to take the utmost advantage of what social media has to offer or the newest digital marketing trends out there. Many do not have an affinity toward graphics production, an aptitude for creative writing or an understanding of SEO and content marketing.

This is where hiring an expert comes in. Many marketing firms today (such as ours) can be hired to be responsible for your online social platforms. Social media management experts have a plethora of knowledge needed to take your brand to the next level. When looking for an individual or company to manage your social platforms, there are several necessary qualifications.

Did you know that articles with images receive 94% more views than those without? Tweets with images receive 18% more clicks and photo posts on Facebook get 120% more engagement than those without. For these and a multitude of other reasons, it is necessary the manager of your social media is able to conceptualize and create visually-pleasing images for your social platforms and blog posts. It is not necessary to be advanced at Photoshop, but they should have an eye for design and the ability to source/edit images.

Your social media manager definitely should have a good command of language with the ability to express themselves. They may not be writing blog posts, but will definitely be communicating with leads daily- in writing. It is important to be able to communicate an idea, maintain a consistent voice, and convey passion/excitement for the brand/products. Additionally, professionalism, correct grammar usage and the ability to avoid spelling errors are essential.

As stated earlier in the article, your social media presence is your brand’s face online and everything that is said or done online is a representation of your brand. Your social media manager should be cognizant of this. They must be mindful of customer service.

Knowledge of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and content marketing is fundamental. Is your new social media management company well-versed regarding the connection between social media exposure and search rankings? Do they know how to drive traffic to the brand’s site?

Many established business owners believe that because they have been on “Main Street” for over 20 years (with an established customer base), they are exempt from social media. Not only are they missing out on new clientele, but there is the potential that bad reviews and misinformation (on user-generated pages such as Google Business) could negatively impact their brand and future. If you do not have the time to properly update your pages, interact with customers online, or drive traffic to your website, you should consider hiring a social media management professional.

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