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The Hottest Web Design Trends Right Now

Today, what is considered to be "great" web design is still constantly shifting. Every year, new design trends arrive, replacing the old with the new. Though it is obvious that jumping on every new trend is neither practical nor smart, staying current with the best design elements is important for gaining maximum impact and results from your website. Here are the top 3 hottest design trends many companies are already implementing:

Mobile First: Technically, websites optimized for mobile devices isn't a new idea. However, it has proven its dominance in the digital universe and the design is becoming more and more sophisticated. Did you know that over 52% of website traffic worldwide was generated through mobile phones? As the mobile user base continues to increase, good visual effects as well as search experience are factors that need to be considered for your website in 2020.

Less is More: Synonymous with simplicity, minimalism removes the clutter that distracts visitors and keeps them focused on the steps you want them to take next. You can implement this by using fewer design elements, fewer fonts and simplifying your site's color palette.

Fonts: Research shows that more than 95% of the information on a web page is text. Typesetting is second to web color matching and images. Adventurous, bold typography impresses audiences. Carefully selected fonts can convey the emotions you need and build a powerful visual hierarchy. In fact, big names like Apple and Netflix are starting to use their own branded fonts to enhance their brand's recognition.

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