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For Immediate Release

IAS Marketing Services announces the hiring of two new graphic design professionals and the promotion of an employee. IAS Marketing Services, a full service marketing and advertising agency based in Sarasota, Florida, is pleased to announce the hiring of two new graphic designers, Aaron Willoughby and Lindsay Skillings. Aaron, a Southern California native who has recently relocated … Read More >

Be Fit. Live Better.

We’d all like to entertain the idea that the missing link to eternal longevity is drinking a chocolate shake from the fountain of youth. Perhaps some of us may compliment the chocolate shake with a supreme pizza. Ether way, this idea will always stay fantastical. We now know that a regular exercise routine and a healthy … Read More >

6 Ways to Build Customer Loyalty with Content Marketing

Let’s face it. Today’s customers are picky and have big expectations of businesses. With all of the alternatives available out there, customers are no longer loyal to brands just because of a history with a product and/or service. Customer loyalty is attained when businesses implement effective marketing strategies and keep their customers attention. It is … Read More >

Virtual Reality: The Future of Marketing

What comes to mind when someone says virtual reality? Many people imagine wearing a headset from a science fiction movie that transports them to a different place or world. But virtual reality isn’t stuff of science fiction anymore. It is the future of marketing. Virtual reality (VR) gives marketers the opportunity to offer their audience … Read More >

How Your Lifestyle Can Affect Your Work

Do you feel unmotivated when you wake up in the morning? Is fatigue preventing you from getting work done? Do you find your mood worsening? Does every task feel like a chore?  If you answered yes to any of these questions, you may be suffering from poor lifestyle choices. It may be time for a … Read More >

Why Twitter is an Effective Marketing Tool

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve probably heard of the social media site Twitter. Twitter is a micro-blogging platform that gives businesses the opportunity to connect with customers, share media content, create character in their brand, and receive feedback. Many companies have found Twitter to be an important component of their content marketing … Read More >

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