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Using Instagram for your Business

When you think of Instagram what do you think about? Friends sharing photos from family vacations, posting funny videos of cats, or even the random Tea-tox girls. Instagram can be used for so many things, including retail brands, restaurants, travel companies, and now becoming more popular is real estate. If you didn’t know; Instagram is … Read More >

How to Find the Best Real Estate Agent For You

Buying or selling any home is always a challenge. You have to find the right agent, neighborhood, price, mortgage, etc. But first, finding a Real Estate Agent. Once you’ve made the decision to buy or sell your home you need to look into an agent. Not all Real Estate Agents are the same, find someone … Read More >

Florida Now

I moved to Florida about 4 years ago and from my perspective things are changing faster than ever. More and more people are discovering there is more to this state than just Orlando, Miami and Key West. Florida sells the lifestyle of living where others vacation, it’s a great strategy because that’s why I’m here. … Read More >

Be Fit. Live Better.

We’d all like to entertain the idea that the missing link to eternal longevity is drinking a chocolate shake from the fountain of youth. Perhaps some of us may compliment the chocolate shake with a supreme pizza. Ether way, this idea will always stay fantastical. We now know that a regular exercise routine and a healthy … Read More >

6 Ways to Build Customer Loyalty with Content Marketing

Let’s face it. Today’s customers are picky and have big expectations of businesses. With all of the alternatives available out there, customers are no longer loyal to brands just because of a history with a product and/or service. Customer loyalty is attained when businesses implement effective marketing strategies and keep their customers attention. It is … Read More >

Virtual Reality: The Future of Marketing

What comes to mind when someone says virtual reality? Many people imagine wearing a headset from a science fiction movie that transports them to a different place or world. But virtual reality isn’t stuff of science fiction anymore. It is the future of marketing. Virtual reality (VR) gives marketers the opportunity to offer their audience … Read More >

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