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How to Spend Your 2024 Marketing Budget: Small Business Edition

Are you a small business owner? Are you ready to rock your marketing in 2024? Let’s talk about how to spend your 2024 marketing budget for maximum impact.

Online Presence

Invest in a quality website, make it mobile-friendly, and ensure users can easily navigate it. Take advantage of all the free SEO that you can, and if your budget allows, look into PPC ads as well.

Content is Key

Content is like the VIP of marketing. Blogsvideos, and eye-catching graphics not only pull in potential customers but also make you the go-to guru in your field. Quality content is worth spending money on.

Social Media

Be where your audience is – on social media! Spend some money on targeted ads and keep the SEO going with consistent regular posts. It’s how you build a fan club.

Email Marketing

Don’t sleep on email! Build a tribe with a segmented list and send out emails that people can’t resist. Automation tools make this a breeze.


Be the trendsetter! Check out AI or VR depending on your needs. Innovative tech isn’t just for the big guns; small businesses can play too.

Local Community

Be the local hero. Sponsor events, get involved, and support other local businesses. It’s not just good for your community; it’s good for your brand as well.

Spend your marketing budget where it matters, be savvy, and watch your small business shine. It’s not just about spending; it’s about spending SMART!

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