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The Hottest Web Design Trends Right Now

Today, what is considered to be “great” web design is still constantly shifting. Every year, new design trends arrive, replacing the old with the new. Though it is obvious that jumping on every new trend is neither practical nor smart, staying current with the best design elements is important for gaining maximum impact and results … Read More >

5 Fall Marketing Tips

Now that the “back to school” has come and gone, it’s time to reconsider your marketing plan for the upcoming season and its holidays. Ready to make the best of the changing seasons (or lack thereof depending on where you live) with a new marketing plan that brings prospects and old customers in during the … Read More >

5 Instagram Tips for Marketing Your Real Estate Business

According to a recent survey of real estate agents, referrals and social media were the most effective marketing channels. There are a significant number of realtors that have found success by advertising on Instagram. Here are several tips to give your Instagram postings an edge. 1. Give Your Posts Personality: It is essential to determine … Read More >

10 Reasons to Move to Vegas

When the majority of people think about Las Vegas, dazzling casinos, world-class entertainment and the over-the-top nightlife scene are one of the many things that come to mind. They are unaware that Vegas is actually one of the best places to live in the country! Here are 10 reasons why moving to Vegas would be … Read More >

5 Print Marketing Tips for Small Businesses

It is important to have a diverse marketing strategy. Because not everyone goes on social media, it’s essential to have an offline strategy as well. There are staples such as business cards, but there are several other methods as well. Consider local publications: Many people still read their local newspaper and it is likely that … Read More >

Email Marketing in 2018

Email marketing is not dead! The tactics marketers must use in order to be effective have just changed. Businesses must be willing to change with the times or fear getting left to rot in the SPAM folder. As a company that has been involved in email marketing for years, IAS has learned many lessons (in … Read More >

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