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5 Ways to Better Your Real Estate Postcard Marketing

Studies show that 56% of customers find print marketing to be the most trustworthy medium. As a result, delivering direct mail to your target audience is an effective move for your real estate business. Postcards are essential for exposure and developing a steadier flow of business. Here are some ways to help you give your real estate postcard marketing campaign an edge. Following these tips not only will ensure your direct mail marketing will bring in more clients, but keep them dedicated to your services.

Use Powerful Call-To-Action: The utilization of one statement or call-to-action can be way more effective than a long description or a lengthy bio. Most people simply do not have the time to read anything longer than a sentence. The right line has the potential to grab their attention. Be sure to make it big, bold and enticing. It should be powerful enough to make them think of you when they are eventually in need of real estate services.

Frequent and Consistent Delivery: Delivering your real estate post card just one time isn’t going to be effective enough to make a lasting impression. You want to give those who threw out your postcard the first time another chance to decide to keep it. Maybe they were not looking to sell their home when you first delivered several months prior but now things have changed.

Utilize High Quality Paper: When choosing the type of paper you want your cards printed on, there are many options. If your postcard consists of mainly photographs, you might want to use a glossy finish, whereas the matte option is more ideal for subdued colors and if you care more about the message. Be sure not to overlook the thickness of your postcard. It is definitely worth it to put in a couple more dollars to print on quality stock because people will initially be more attracted to a flyer that is well made than one that is cheap.

Display The Property’s Best Feature: Does the home you’re selling have a show stopping kitchen or luxurious pool? Integrate high quality photos of this part of the property into your postcard! It will entice prospects to give you a call and check it out in person.

Include Your Headshot: It is a given this day in age that professionals should have headshots. Not only will using your headshot within your postcards help prospects in recognizing you, but putting a face to your name helps develop trust and familiarity, leading to increased chances of them calling you when in need of your services.

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