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5 Tips for Effective Rack Cards

Rack cards have the potential to benefit your business as they are one of the most straightforward and affordable marketing tools to put into the hands of your customers. Because they are smaller than other forms of print marketing (such as brochures), customers can gather a variety of information about your business in a quick glance.

Here are some tips and tricks to create a concise, eye-catching and effective rack card for your brand:

Maximize Use of Photos and Wording: Because your rack card will most likely be located close to those of other companies, getting others to pick up and read yours will be the greatest challenge. You have barely one second to catch the eye of the consumer! First, avoid the use of stock photos. Use high quality, unique and colorful photos of your business or product. This will be what first catches the person’s eye. What keeps them reading is your clever use of slogans and phrases.

Consistent Branding: When creating your rack card, make sure that the font, color, quality and content is consistent with your company’s branding. Selecting a template online may seem like an easy and quick idea, but it can be confusing and may have a negative effect on some of your clients or potential customers.

Focused Content: Again, you have a very short period of time to get your message across to the consumer. It is essential to make sure important information such as company name, contact information, location, and hours stands out. Remember, a specific piece of information directed to a specific consumer makes your rack card more likely to be picked up.

Include a Call to Action and QR Code: If the consumer is interested in what you have to offer, you need to provide an easy and accessible way for them to follow up. Bridge the gap between your print and digital marketing by including a QR code on your rack card. This allows potential clients to take a photo of this code and be directed to your site or corresponding web page to “cash in” on the promotion/offer.

Contact a Marketing Professional: Rack cards can be a very effective method for capturing your target market and providing them a means to gather essential information about your company or brand. Talking to a marketing professional can help you strike the perfect balance between the above tips if you’re finding the design process difficult.

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