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5 Holiday Marketing Tips for Small Businesses

With Halloween behind us and Thanksgiving and Christmas quickly approaching, it's time to deck the halls and be merry! It's evident that this time of the year is filled with holiday marketing campaigns as far as the eye can see. You already know that this is the time to take advantage of the "season of spending" and seek out unique ways to market your brand.

So how does one go about standing out from all the noise and reach customers when other, largers businesses are going full force? Here are five holiday marketing tips for small businesses.

Charity: Take advantage of the season of giving as a small business owner and pair charitable acts or donations with a sale. For example, you could donate a small portion of your holiday proceeds to a particular charity close to your business or community.

Social Media Giveaways: Holiday campaigns on social media such as giveaways and contests can increase follower engagement. Use your business' social media and email channels to launch these and invite people to participate.

Dress Up Your Digital Media: Deck the halls of your social media pages as well as website with some holiday-inspired elements and colors. Why? Most people love to get into the holiday spirit, plus it shows a bit of "brand personality", which consumers tend to like.

Email Marketing: Leverage your database of customer emails to send out holiday-themed e-blasts, highlighting your products or services you offer. Also, you can give them an incentive to buy within your email such as discounts.

Go Live: Incorporate a Q&A, offer a flash sale available while you're live, or simply just thank your customers for being loyal throughout the past year. This is an excellent way to engage your social media followers as well as demonstrate brand personality.

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